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A head Full of Tao and a Tail that Wags in Physics.

> > I think that Matter-Energy and Sense-Motive are dual aspects of the
> > same thing. If you are talking about the brain only, then you are
> > talking about matter and energy, but no person exists if you limit the
> > discussion to that. The matter and energy side of what we are is just
> > organs. There is no person there. The brain is not responsible for
> > consciousness anymore than your computer is responsible for the
> > internet. It is the necessary vehicle through which human level
> > awareness is accessed.
> Would you say, at least, that the brain is responsible for behavior?

In the sense that buildings, streets, highways, and real estate are responsible for a city’s behavior.

> This conversation was originally on the topic of artificial intelligence,
> so whatever it is in us that leads to physical changes which manifest as
> third-person observable behavior, do you believe that to be entirely
> influenced by physical and (in theory) detectable matter/energy/fields?

I’m not saying that though. We *are* the physical changes. Third person and first person seem to us to be separate because the first person end is the ‘head’ end. You are saying that I think ‘whatever it that is our head leads to physical changes which manifest as our tail’ and you are trying to get me to see that it makes more sense to say that it is our tail which is responsible for the existence of the head - that the head is what the tail needs to lead it to food and reproduction. That’s not my position though. I’m saying head-tail mind-body are a function of the symmetry of sense.

As far as fields being detectable - detectable by what? I have no problem detecting humor, irony, style, beauty…to a human being these are detectable energy fields, only higher up on the monochord/chakra-like escalator of qualitative interiority/significance. The universe for us is much more readily detectable by us as a combination of fiction and fact than it is in terms of matter/energy/fields. Those things are a posteriori ideas about the universe of our body, as verified by consensus of inanimate objects interacting. That is only half of the universe - the tail half which is the polar opposite of awareness. It is the perspective from which no life, order, meaning or significance can be detected.

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