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Long Quora Debate On The Evolutionary Justification of Awareness

"Awareness exists to inform action. "

Isn’t action informed without awareness already? Are the actions of neurons informed when they network with each other?
Quora User: Purposeful proactive action can only occur if the system has at its disposal a predictive model. This model can be interrogated to see which actions lead to which outcomes.

Awareness is the computational task of building and maintaining a real-time model capable of usably accurate prediction.
 Wouldn’t every cell, organ and system in the body have to build and maintain such a real-time model?

All that matters is what happens at the organism level. Does the organism make actions which further its biological goals?
Why would the level make any difference? Some of the organism’s goals reflect purely biological agendas, and some do not. Some aspects of the nervous system serve the agendas of the individual person and some don’t. At every level there is real-time modeling. Photosynthesis suggests this happening on a molecular level.
The job of Nigel the neurone is to recognise fuzzy-edged shapes when seen.

This is all Nigel (and his team of sub neurones does)

His output is delivered to Nilay (whose job it is to recognize moving entities with fuzzy edges).

This chain continues a while.

Until we reach Nigella the Neurone who recognizes when things look like wolves are approaching.   She becomes aroused when grey/fuzzy/ quadruped /ground-walking … neurones all cry out together.

When Nigella shouts out, a process is started which may result in a predator flight response at the organism level. 

Nigel does not know that he is part this process, nor does he understand anything other than “is it fuzzy”.   He is not capable of such nuance.  He is just one cell in billions - but the system as a whole is capable of taking sensible action.

And that safeguards all those cells.

Complex behavior is the outcome of lots of simpler things assembled together.


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